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Product development

Bring your ideas to life in a short amount of time with the help of our experienced software and hardware engineering and design team

lean-Agile mindset

Bring your ideas to life

Using knowledge and expertise governance, we help you build efficiently, minimizing your time-to-market, reducing your risk of over-building and relying on assumptions rather than user feedback in your product development process. We enable the adoption of agile and lean methodologies in your organization in order to:

  • Shorten the time to market
  • Avoid overbuilds and high costs of R&D
  • Focus on product-market-fit
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What we offer

Product development Services

Efficient product development requires the adoption of industry-proven methodologies to avoid the common mistakes. Our team has decades of collective experience helping and leading startups and established companies in adapting Agile and Lean Startup methodologies. We believe these are the roads to success for startups and beyond. 


  • Full product development - Allocating a fractional CTO and a development team to build your product in an efficiently and timely manner.
  • Augmented R&D team - As an extension to your existing engineering team to facilitate and accelerate product development.
  • Identifying best R&D grant programs - Receive our support in order to find the right government grant for your R&D project
  • University collaboration - We work closely with top universities to do your research and technology transfer/transformation
Stay relevant

AI, bigdata and machine learning

With the recent advancement of computer hardware and software, complex neural networks in computer vision can be implemented to identify and classify objects in a variety of applications. Machine Learning algorithms are purposefully designed for identifying and classifying data with tolerable cost and error rates. Many techniques have been developed, such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), used to classify images. With more data and powerful computational engines like Graphic Processing Units (GPU), CNNs can have multiple layers that can potentially result in a more accurate classification algorithm.

At NuBinary, our members have extensive experience in deploying machine learning in computer vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications.

Industreis - Technologies

Internet of things and firmware development

Wireless device communications and connectivity projects bring in unique complexities and challenges into IOT projects. Whether you need Bluetooth, WIFI, LORA, Mesh, 4G/5G or other forms of connectivity requires deep understanding of each technology. Power consumption, communication bandwidth, security and compute power are examples of challenges that an experienced multi-disciplinary product development team like NuBinary can help you to overcome with lowest cost and highest quality.

Unlike purely software projects, IoT projects can be very costly to fix after rollout if not architectured and implemented correctly. Thinking about over-the-air firmware upgrade and comprehensive analytics and reporting in place from day one is what distinguishes our team from other companies.

We usually prototype our device solutions with commonly used ESP series modules.

We use Raspberry or ready-made sensory devices such as Ruuvitag based on the project requirements to reduce the early version time-to-market and costs to help you get feedback and showcase your solution as soon as possible. Once we have complete confidence the project is ready to scale, we can build custom hardware devices with our in-house firmware development capabilities and our PCB board and hardware manufacturer partners in the GTA.

Industreis - Technologies

Cloud infrastructure and devOps

Among our team members, we have experts in cloud computing infrastructures, virtualization and containerization from private cloud to public cloud. We have ex-executives of major private cloud provider companies in Canada and modular private cloud providers and lead cloud engineers of major software companies in our team members. We are advocates of cloud-agnostic infrastructure solutions and microservices architectures for large projects.

In other words, we have first-hand expertise to help you choose, architect and implement the best cloud solution for your needs in regard to costs, security, regulation compliance, scalability and maintenance on major cloud including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Security, Privacy.

Security, privacy and compliance

Whether you need to implement certain security measurements due to the sensitivity of the data stored such as implementing PCI DSS for payment solutions, you need to comply with HIPAA for you health information or med-tech project or get audit and obtain security certification for your product, our Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) team members can help you.

Security certifications, getting audited by a CISSP member or complying with a standard or guideline are required by many large organizations such as governmental organizations. We can help you land the big fish even if you are a startup. We believe innovation in corporate and big organizations should not be limited to their internal efforts, and startups should not be constrained by regulations to disrupt at such scales.


How we do it

Rapid prototyping & MVP development for startups

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, focus on your core value proposition when it comes to product development. We have developed powerful tools and methodologies over the years, in order to quickly build your minimum viable product (MVP) while minimizing the time to market and reducing the costs.

Our rapid MVP development framework (RHINO) provides commonly used components such as authentication, notifications, payments and many other features out of the box and lets you focus your resources on solving your customers’ core problems and delivering value instead of paying for commoditized software components.

web & Mobile app development

Technology stacks




The most critical part of building a robust cloud-backed digital product is the backend. When it comes to backend development, we think Security, Scalability, Reliability and Quality from day one.



We think mobile-first responsive frontend implementation is a must because most traffic today comes from mobile devices. User-friendliness, ease of use and a bug-free user interface is the key to having happy users. We use modern frameworks such as React and Angular that structures your code base well and scalable.



We have years of experience building high quality intuitive mobile applications. Our go-to platform for mobile application development is React Native. React Native reduces costs significantly by sharing the same code base for different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

However, we are not limited to React Native for mobile application development. We are fully capable of implementing native Android and iOS applications using Java, Kotlin, Objective-C and Swift. That implementation may be necessary when sophisticated requirements arrive, or we need to directly use native mobile such as a mobile application Software Development Kit (SDK).


Let's work together and make it happen.

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