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our journey

About us

Cultivating tech leadership for growing ventures

Helping businesses concentrate on their strengths and expertise, without having to create tech development and innovation teams.

Step into a world where business innovation and technology intertwine, where skilled professionals connect with ambitious entrepreneurs, and where startups uncover the support they need to flourish. We are a group of enthusiastic tech leaders, forward-thinkers, and collaborators who are committed to empowering startups with the technological roadmap essential for success. Our journey commenced with a powerful idea and had since evolved into an influential force that shapes the future of tech innovation.

Team Members

Meet the founders


Ehsan Mirdamadi

Partner & CEO

With a distinguished background in enterprise computer networks, storage, and cloud infrastructure, Ehsan is a seasoned expert in the tech realm. As the founder and CEO of Cirrus Tech Ltd., a pioneering cloud computing company in Canada, Ehsan's entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force. His experience as an angel investor and mentor underscores our dedication to fostering tech innovation.

Sina Sadeghian

Sina Sadeghian

Partner & CTO

An avid software architect and developer, Sina brings hands-on experience in leading web and mobile development teams. His journey includes co-founding ApplyBoard, a successful tech startup, and serving as a software engineer at companies like IBM. Sina's visionary outlook adds depth to our team, while unwavering commitment to driving technological advancements ignites our vision with passion.

JP Rosevear

JP Rosevear

Partner & Fractional CTO

With an extensive industry experience, JP's journey encompasses leadership roles in both startups and established enterprises. With a diverse history at reputable companies such as Nova (Polar), Novell, and Mozilla, JP's expertise in scalable tech development is unmatched. His guidance as a Fractional CTO is pivotal to our services.

alireza (1)

Alireza Sharifi

Partner & Fractional CTO

Alireza's journey spans software engineering, machine learning, and security. A PhD holder from the University of Waterloo and a CISSP, Alireza's passion lies in using tech solutions to tackle real-world industry challenges. His consulting experience and compliance expertise bring a vital layer to our services.

Becoming NuBinary

Our story

Nubinary team2
1 Our founding partners along with our director of business development "Yousuf Khatib"
2 Our CEO "Ehsan Mirdmadi" at a startup event panel
3 NuBinary team at Collision Conference
NuBinary team Golfing
4 We like golfing


Ehsan and Sina crossed paths when Sina was transitioning from role as the CTO at Applyboard. Over the years, Ehsan and Sina observed a common hurdle faced by startups: the lack of robust technology leadership. Ehsan's wealth of experience and entrepreneurial zeal resonated deeply with Sina. This dynamic collaboration of expertise and shared vision laid the groundwork for the birth of NuBinary.


JP and Ali came on board, bringing their invaluable insights and expertise to our team. With our shared passion for supporting startups and our diverse backgrounds, we laid the groundwork for our services. As a result, we developed a strong commitment to offering fractional CTO services, revolutionizing the tech industry, and guiding startups towards success.

Now and in the future

Our vision & mission

As technology continues to transform every industry, we enable organizations to successfully adapt, innovate and thrive in the digital age.

Our mission is to accelerate the market delivery of innovative products for startups, scaleups, venture builders, and established ventures globally by providing a consistent and tested framework. We fill the tech leadership gap, lower technology development costs, and shorten product delivery time by implementing lean product development methodologies.

Meet the


  • Yousuf Khatib

    Yousuf Khatib


    Director of

    Business Development

  • Mahesh-Tripunitara

    Mahesh Tripunitara


    Chief Scientist

  • Sonal Bagga

    Sonal Bagga


    Fractional CTO

  • Angelo-Berios

    Angelo Berios


    Fractional CTO

  • Mehdi Karimi

    Mehdi Karimi


    Fractional CTO

  • Glenn Korban

    Glenn Korban


    Fractional CTO

  • Mark-Langley

    Mark Langley


    Fractional CTO

  • Boken-Lin

    Boken Lin


    Fractional CTO

  • Dave-McKay

    Dave McKay


    Fractional CTO

  • Arpan Paul

    Arpan Paul


    Fractional CTO

  • Hussain Sheikh

    Hussain Sheikh


    Fractional CTO

  • Sutha-Tharma

    Sutha Tharma


    Fractional CTO

  • Isadora Barros

    Isadora Barros


    Senior Full-stack

    Software Engineer

  • Derek Galbraith

    Derek Galbraith


    Senior Full-stack

    Software Engineer

  • Bruno Moreira

    Bruno Moreira


    Senior Full-stack

    Software Engineer

  • Silas Pedrosa

    Silas Pedrosa


    Senior Full-stack

    Software Engineer

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Meet the

Advisory board

  • Frank-Erschen
    Frank Erschen
  • Steve Gilpin
    Steve Gilpin
  • Benton-Leong
    Benton Leong
  • Jesse Moeinifar
    Jesse Moeinifar
  • Aïko-Thurlow
    Aïko Thurlow

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