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MVP & software development

Get ahead of your competition with our proprietary rapid MVP and software development platform.

Your startup

MVP launch made easy

Launch your scalable software and MVP effortlessly within weeks, all while maintaining flexibility and scalability. Direct your focus on your business and let our professionals build your MVP on a real code platform, free from any vendor lock-in concerns.

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What you get

Full-fledged scalable MVP

We created a Rapid Application Development framework and platform (Codalio formerly known as Rhino) that offers the benefits of No-Code/Low-Code platforms but with a real code approach provides flexibility, IP control and no vendor lock in for the short AND long term. You retain all the intellectual property.

This means you can use your code in any environment and can extend it with any software developer resource without having to pay for any licensing fees.

  • 30-80% Lower total cost of development  
  • Develop up to 80% faster compared to other Development Frameworks and MVCs.
  • An open-source framework designed to seamlessly integrate, aligning with your digital transformation strategies.
  • Cloud Agnostic Deploy and host your code on your cloud provider of choice.
  • Secure and Scalable The code adopts widely used security and scalability best practices, providing a great basis for HIPAA or PIPEDA products.
  • Seasoned CTOs your projects are led by experienced CTOs, serving as your knowledgeable partners, equipped with extensive expertise in guiding technology leadership for startup companies.
  • Leverage AI Coding and development Automation tools Our team leverages cutting edge development tools to make the whole development process more efficient and high quality.

Service benefits

Accelerate time to market

Accelerate time to market and outpace competitors with pre-built components like authentication, billing, and notifications for a faster time-to-market and better product-market fit.

  • Maximize your competitive advantage by prioritizing core software functionality and existing commodity components.
  • Reduce time-to-market and development costs. 
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by crafting exceptional software that adheres to industry best practices.
  • Increase your revenue and develop a reliable financial projection with minimal or no unexpected surprises.

Scalable software & MVP

Unlock the full potential of your MVP and transform it into a robust, successful product with maximum market penetration.

  • Supercharge your startup by implementing streamlined processes and automated tasks that will save you precious time and resources.
  • Boost your company's capacity for large-scale supply.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by enhancing your company's agility and responsiveness.
  • Unleash your company's potential for growth and expand your total addressable market. 
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs to adapt to evolving market needs and effectively attract and retain customers.

Optimal real code software development practices

Get a pioneering software solution that reflects your value proposition and follows lean, agile development practices for customer satisfaction, growth, and long-term success.

  • Build a strong foundation for your MVP software by prioritizing code ownership and scalability.
  • Make sure your code is synchronized and well-documented to enhance collaboration and save time in development.
  • Steer clear of technical debt that can hinder progress and have a detrimental effect on quality.
  • Improve software performance with a platform that is both testable and maintainable, allowing you to effectively meet the evolving demands of the market.
This is

Ideal for

  1. 01 Building a new MVP with some customer validation
  2. 02 Any SaaS and IoT-focused solution
  3. 03 Revamping an existing solution
  4. 04 Maturing a product development strategy
  5. 05 Building technology products that scale
  6. 06 Developing a sound go-to-market strategy aligned with product objectives

Why we're different


  • Launch your product with real code

    While no code is inflexible, low code is unscalable. Future proof your product launch with real code using our proprietary Rapid Application Development framework.

  • Focus on your business leave the development to us!

    Spend less time on developing commoditized components like signups, APIs and analytics. Double down on your customer acquisition, retention and recurring revenue instead.

  • Increased cost savings and efficiency in development

    Reduce the cost of development by 30 to 80% percent and speed up process by 80%. Get a strong foundation to build your product upon with strong and scalable code.

The NuBinary effect

We bring together the power of Business Strategy, UX Design, and Engineering to deliver innovative solutions that cater to all your product requirements.

We are a firm, and we guarantee our service delivery and quality through Nubinary Partner peering and supervision
  • Every CTO engagement is supervised by a full time senior partner CTO
  • We unlike freelancer CTOs, work and render services through a framework that has been developed throughout 100s of years of our collective experience.
Team of seasoned CTOs with entrepreneurial backgrounds
  • Several of our CTOs have been integral members of the founding or executive teams of major technology companies in the US Canada.
  • We have been instrumental in guiding companies from the early stages of ideation to providing valuable support during M&A and IPOs.
Deliver services through a consistent, repeatable and tested framework
  • We have developed a proprietary CTO best practice frameworks and tools.
  • We firmly embrace the power of automation, whether it's through the creation of customer delivery dashboards or leveraging the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT and Copilot in coding.
Continuous training, mentoring and coaching of our staff and consultants
  • Weekly internal workshops and lunch and learn.
  • Bi-Weekly webinars with external partners around the technology and business trends
Our success always aligns with our customers’
  • We specialize in providing fCTO services, and the longer we stay involved, the more value we can bring to your business.
  • At Nubinary we believe that the success of a project does not solely depend on its size, as our focus is on achieving long-term success.
  • Our team provide services until it becomes financially viable to establish internal teams, ensuring long-term success for your business.
Today’s complex technology development needs many senior tech leaders
  • Various technological components are integral to modern-day technology, encompassing firmware, middleware, cloud and software infrastructure, cybersecurity and data privacy, AI/ML, blockchain, and more.
  • The days of creating an app and revolutionizing the world, similar to the success of companies like Uber, are a thing of the past.
We are an ecosystem!
  • Throughout the years we have built a large network of partners across US and Canada, amongst them are Incubators, Accelerators, Venture Studios & Venture Capitalists (VCs).
  • We have the experience of working in many different industries, such as, SAAS, FinTech, MedTech, Telemedicine, Smart Buildings, Smart Home, Smart Manufacturing.



Let's work together and make it happen.

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