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Hiring services

Onboard high-performing software engineers using our effective CTO-led hiring strategies and scale your company in North America

CTO-led hiring services

Effective, reliable & efficient

With over 30 years of experience supporting businesses, we, as CTOs, have honed our skills in developing effective strategies to recruit and expand a team of top-notch software engineers for companies across North America.

Our ultimate goal is to tackle hiring challenges head-on, providing you with the most efficient, dependable, and successful hiring process.
Group of applicants for a vacant post or corporate job sitting in a long line with folders containing their credentials carefully ignoring each other
Refined procesS

Overcome hiring challenges

  1. 01 Competitive job market

    Everyone wants the best top talent but how can you find and hire them?
  2. 02 Undefined skills requirements

    Top skills matter, but what core skills fit your company’s needs?
  3. 03 Complicated and unstructured hiring process

    Companies are moving fast in hiring top talent. How quickly can you do the end-to-end hiring process?
Why us

CTO-led hiring difference

  • Customized hiring solution - Our CTOs strategically develop the ideal hiring framework for your company, including effective job postings, a well-structured interview process, and code challenges.
  • Handpicked talent pool - Years of working experience with companies in various industries has helped us build a pool of top qualified candidates.
  • End-to-end hiring approach - We are involved in the whole process from identifying the core skills your company needs down to onboarding the right candidate.
  • Established tech interviews and code challenges - We have a lean, agile methodology in our interviews and a code-based approach. We take pride in our ability to discover candidates who not only possesses the necessary skills but also aligns perfectly with your company's culture.
  • Compliance is key - Data privacy compliance is a fundamental aspect of our hiring process, seamlessly integrated into every step we take.

Let's work together and make it happen.

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