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COVID-19 in the Tech Industry

The tech industry during COVID-19

How NuBinary is overcoming obstacles faced due to COVID19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused concern for businesses all around the world. The virus has affected everyone. Causing difficulties for consumers as well as service providers. Businesses have had to adapt quickly to ensure they will survive these hardships. From disrupting the supply chain to changing work environments. COVID-19 in the tech industry and all other industries has had an emotional and environmental impact on everyone.

The tech industry, like every other industry, has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, though, both positive and negative. A positive factor is that remote work has become more common and now acceptable by most – enabling companies like NuBinary to enter into new markets that were otherwise a lot more challenging. But this whole new shift has increased the urgent need for technological advancements within certain businesses.

How NuBinary is Dealing with COVID19

COVID19 in the tech industry - woman applying hand sanitizer while wearing mask

Through all the negatives and positives, we wanted to explore how the coronavirus has impacted a technology-based company like NuBinary. A company that has a large team but works with many other companies as well.

 The entire NuBinary team has been working remotely this past year, from senior management to the developers and marketing experts. NuBinary has always been a hybrid company so transitioning the whole team had been working remotely was not a difficult process for most of the team.

“The pandemic forced us to rethink our ways of working. Our sales and marketing team is enjoying the fact that they are not traveling all the time!” says Ehsan, CEO here at NuBinary.  They do miss face-to-face meetings, which are found to be more effective at times. 

A big struggle for working from home for most employees is for those who are caring for someone at home on top of work. Many are home caring for their children or a senior in the home, so team members are on different schedules as a result.

Keeping a work-life balance has been tough. The lines are blurring and many employees are trying to find the best way to separate work life from downtime with their families. Everyone is scheduling their life around many meetings throughout the day. Since now it is very easy to set up a quick virtual meeting to check in with team members or clients. 

Zoom Fatigue

COVID19 in the tech industry - Zoom fatigue Zoom Fatigue is something that many of the employees have been experiencing. The human mind and body start to feel exhausted after multiple virtual meetings.

There are 4 main reasons for Zoom Fatigue stated by Stratford News:

1. Excessive amounts of close-up eye contact is highly intense

2. Seeing yourself during video chats constantly in real-time is fatiguing

3. Video chats dramatically reduce our usual mobility

4. The cognitive load is much higher in video chats

“Virtual meetings are definitely not as fun as coffee break type of meetings.” Although maybe not as fun, virtual meetings do allow the company to connect/ meet with anyone, anywhere in the world! “Why didn’t we think about this before COVID?” says Ehsan, when discussing the good and bad of virtual meetings. 

Staying Connected

Since all the employees at NuBinary are now working remotely the team is working hard to stay connected. The team uses Slack (an online communication platform) daily to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Virtual celebration meetings are scheduled, so employees can get UberEats and drinks to celebrate virtually together. The management also encourages the employees to be active outdoors and to remove themselves from their workspace for a while. COVID19 in the tech industry - Woman working on laptop

Face-to-face conversations are definitely missed! There are a lot less casual ‘water-cooler’ type conversions now that employees are not in an office setting. Most virtual meetings tend to be straight to the point and leave little room for casual conversations. With everyone being at home the team has less visibility on how hard each team member is working. “It’s so important to make sure employee efforts are recognized and appreciated!” says Sina the Co-Founder and Fractional CTO at NuBinary. “We try to make it a habit to send appreciation messages and kudos to the team through our virtual channels.” When working from home employees don’t get as much personal interaction as they would when in an office setting.

It’s important to give credit and visibility to all team members to validate the hard work of other employees.
Although there are perks to working from home, there are many aspects that are missed when it comes to working in an office setting. It is important to find that balance amongst your team. Over the past year, NuBinary has learned a lot about having their employees working remotely and dealing with the challenges of COVID in the tech industry.  Sharing these helpful insights is so important during these hard times. 

Some Helpful Tips From Nubinary:

  • Have a separate space for work. An area in your home where only work is done.
  • Try to give yourself a set hours/ time frame or you may find yourself working 24/7.
  • Make sure to take breaks, go for a walk in your neighborhood, go get a coffee!
  • Have one or two days every couple of weeks or so, where you do not have any virtual meetings scheduled to help avoid Zoom fatigue
  • Schedule virtual celebration meetings to boost team morale and stay connected
  • Find the best online tool and communicate with your team daily
  • Send appreciation messages to employees to validate their work efforts

Connect With Us

Although the pandemic has affected how the NuBinary team works they are still working hard to communicate effectively with employees as well as their clients. Thanks to online meeting technologies NuBinary is able to easily stay connected with clients and work with them remotely.

Just because we are all at home and working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t move forward with your startup dreams. With all the amazing virtual tools available,  NuBinary is ready to work with you and your startup company. NuBinary is more than a dev shop! Dealing with COVID in the tech industry will not stop us.

We help our customers with market discovery, strategy, and building customer-driven software. Reach out to us and let’s discuss your startup dreams.