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NuBinary is more than a dev shop!
We help our customers with market discovery, strategy and building customer driven software:

NuBinary Services - Roadmap Planning & Strategy
Roadmap Planning & Strategy

We will use proven methods to research and propose a product roadmap and also to collaborate with our customers to define a customer-driven MVP.

NuBinary Services - UI/UX Development
UI/UX Development

When it comes to software development we like to take user-first / human-first approach. We have an analytical process to understand the interfaces with prospective users and the use-case requirements. Based on that, we build a compelling user interface and user experience.

NuBinary Services - Grant Funding Support
Grant Funding Support

NuBinary will help you on providing technical documentation and write-ups for various types of fundings available to businesses in Canada and towards their software R&D projects.  SR&ED and IRAP funds can cover upto 100% of software development costs done by internal developers and outsourcing companies.

NuBinary Services - Team Building & Knowledge Transfer
Team Building & Knowledge Transfer

With the ever evolving software technologies, learning and acquiring knowledge about new trends is like finding needles in a haystack! Companies are put at risk when major shifts happen and they always contemplate on creating the knowledge.

NuBinary Services - Cloud & DevOps Implementation
Cloud & DevOps Implementation

Automation and efficiency is key in software development and to achieve this, companies need proper planning and tools. We help our customers choose and build the best suited cloud infrastructure, whether it be public, private or hybrid environment. We then engineer and implement DevOps platforms. We utilize modern software development methodologies, techniques and tools such as Agile Software Development, Scrum, Kanban, Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) and Microservices architecture.

We do our work in a NU way

Our focus is always on addressing business objectives; rather than just writing code!
We help you to identify and prioritize those business objectives and deliver on them satisfying the needs of all of their stakeholders as well as your target clients.

Market Positioning

We take a user-centric approach in designing software. By understanding the end-user, whether being your internal staff or customers, we identify their needs, processes and standard practices today and eventually, build a solution that seamlessly integrates into what they are accustomed to and comfortable with.

Roadmap Planning

Once we identify the product-market fit, we define a development roadmap that properly reflects on the most important business objectives as well as ongoing user feedbacks. We align and continuously re-align the development roadmap with of the evolving business objectives, specially when it comes to adoption of technology!

Technical Agility

Today’s software architectures are a blend of cloud infrastructure designs and software components. We strive to design cloud and platform agnostics solutions that gives us the agility to transform each part of the developed solutions to adapt to the cutting-edge technologies out there. With that, we enable our clients to focus on their core competency rather re-inventing the wheel and to stay ahead of the curve at all times.

Shiva F.

NuBinary was an immense help for our startup, especially since this was our first startup and we didn’t have technical (CS or web development) background. They filled up our CTO seat and helped us with strategizing the product development of our MVP. They were fantastic at understanding our business objectives and didn’t do anything just because it’s the norm or it just sounds good. Also, they were like an in-house team member for us and were very professional yet friendly in all their interactions with us and our team, which I believe was very important for our remote team.

Kaveh R.
Co-Founder, COO

NuBinary services have reduced costs and ensured that the product works correctly, meeting users needs and running smoothly. The team meets all deadlines and budget requirements, while always working professionally and providing clear updates about project progress.

Anthony G.
Founder & CEO

NuBinary did an impeccable job building the web platform for my startup NeuralSeg. They provided prompt, professional, and thorough plans for product development that ensured we designed a scalable product that is ready for future growth. Throughout development Sina and his team worked to over-deliver on the proposed plans, providing a product that will serve us well in the long run. NuBinary continues to provide us with support and guidance on development of our platform, providing answers based on what is best for our current and future growth. I highly recommend NuBinary and their services.


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