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WorkersFirst_blue| Case Study


Flexible work with quality benefits.

WorkersFirst is a purpose-built technology startup leading the change to provide a sustainable and responsible solution in how essential-service industries source temporary and contract workers to better support and protect workers in the fast-growing global gig economy.



NuBinary has built a respectable reputation in many verticals in the tech and innovation space. Over the years, the health industry has shown a great need for support in building technology to help drive its mission and attain its vision. One such healthcare institution is WorkersFirst which took the initiative to build an organization and partner with one of the largest healthcare workers unions in Canada, SEIU Healthcare.

Their goal? To deploy a massive qualified pool of healthcare professionals who have underutilized time through WorkersFirst’s technology platform to shift employers away from using predatory temporary staffing agency solutions that expose healthcare systems to price gouging, quality concerns, and other unsustainable practices.

WorkersFirst’s solution puts more money into healthcare workers' pockets and creates an incredible sustainable ecosystem that solves the temporary staffing gaps, and price gouging among other challenges in the sector.

How we helped

  • Venture Jumpstart
  • UX Design
  • MVP design, development, and support
  • Overall technology roadmap, planning, scoping and development
  • Mentorship from seasoned CTOs
  • End-to-end technical hiring and training


WorkersFirst entered their project with a product concept and had already developed wireframes, establishing a vision of the app's framework and its alignment with their business model. Citing experiences in the founders’ previous startups, they had in the past engaged with contract software engineer resources through online freelancing platforms and an independent fractional CTO but faced significant challenges. As the central coordinator, they struggled with quality control and project alignment, which often led to gaps, overlooked issues, and increased costs.

Recognizing the need for a more integrated approach, WorkersFirst sought a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution —an "ecosystem"— that would address these challenges, particularly important for their non-technical founding team. This ecosystem was essential to ensure a seamless integration and management of all resources, minimizing the risk of errors or gaps.

NuBinary's engagement and collaboration with WorkersFirst have been an exciting journey, encompassing various stages including Venture Jumpstart, MVP design, overall technology roadmap, scoping and development, technical hiring, and ongoing CTO support.

Technology stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Heroku, Postgres, AWS S3
  • NuBinary’s Rhino Framework
  • Redis
  • CircleCI
  • Rollbar
  • ScoutAPM
  • Quotagard (for IP whitelisting)
  • Mail: SendGrid
  • SMS: Amazon SNS

"With NuBinary, it is phenomenal knowing that there are different seasoned resources
behind the scenes guiding best practices in addition to your day-to-day team. There are other tech leaders in the company with a broad set of areas of expertise to provide insight and guidance. Definitely, a bonus they are kind and people centric and very hard not to get along with."

Rohan Kumar
Co-founder/CEO of WorkersFirst


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