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SmartCocoon-log| Case Study


Home automation IoT platform for smart climate control



SmartCocoon is a home automation IoT platform for smart climate control. SmartCocoon gives their customers complete control over their home’s airflow, so the temperature in every room is always just right. SmartCocoon uses smart connected airflow booster fans and thermostats connected to their central cloud backend. This integrates with smart home thermostats such as Nest and Ecobee to get a 360 view of the home HVAC, airflow and temperature in order to control the desired climate in every room.

How we helped

  • Cloud and DevOps implementation
  • UI/UX development
  • Roadmap planning and strategy
  • Grant funding support
  • Team building and knowledge transfer


SmartCocoon engaged NuBinary to take their idea from a prototype to a scalable, reliable and enterprise grade system to support their rapid growth. NuBinary built SmartCocoon’s cloud infrastructure, IoT big data storage, backend, end-user mobile app, hardware (PCB Design) and firmware. We also helped them with hardware testing and design to commercialize their product.

Technology stack

  • Rails 5 API only backend
  • React.js web admin front-end
  • React Native Mobile app
  • ESP8266 module based hardware
  • Firmware implemented in C
  • RabbitMQ cluster providing light weight MQTT device communication
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Auto scaling, load balanced and fault tolerant AWS EC2 nodes
  • Elasticsearch Big data storage and query engine

"NuBinary services have reduced costs and ensured that the product works correctly, meeting users' needs and running smoothly."

Kaveh Raeesi
Co-founder & COO, SmartCocoon


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