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On-demand cloud-based paratransit and microtransit

RideCo, offers on-demand transit software designed to empower agencies to deliver equitable and accessible transportation solutions for all community members, regardless of their destination. Their cutting-edge software enhances operational efficiency and boosts service productivity.



As RideCo's services gained traction and recognition in the market, they were met with a wave of evolving client needs and expectations. Many clients, aiming to ensure top-tier service and security for their users, showed a proactive interest in understanding RideCo's standards. A significant manifestation of this trust-based collaboration was the clients' desire to see certifications, a clear testament to RideCo's unwavering commitment to a solid security program.

While this newfound interest from clients was a positive sign of RideCo's growing prominence, it came with its set of intricacies. Clients came from varied backgrounds and sectors, leading to a spectrum of certification requests and varied compliance benchmarks.

This wasn’t just about fulfilling a list of requirements. It was about understanding the underlying ethos of each certification, ensuring alignment with RideCo's values, and integrating them without compromising on service quality or efficiency.

The broader challenge also encompassed a deeper dive into the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management within their central program. This initiative went beyond mere policy refinement. It involved navigating the rich landscape of technical details, dissecting them, and applying them strategically. Ensuring immediate tasks were dealt with efficiently while keeping an eye on the broader horizon of long-term strategic goals was a delicate balancing act.

How we helped

  • Security and privacy strategic planning
  • Overall technical strategic management
  • Implementing security guidelines (NIST IR 7621 guideline, NIST SP 800-53 standard and SOC2)
  • Training in-house staff with the best technical practices


1. Client-Centric Security and fCTO Mapping and Planning:
NuBinary initiated a thorough needs assessment. This involved engagements with pivotal stakeholders, comprehensive data reviews, and the utilization of advanced diagnostic tools to assess RideCo's existing security landscape. Through this meticulous evaluation, not only were apparent challenges identified, but even subtle vulnerabilities were brought to the forefront, ensuring a comprehensive security strategy.

NuBinary integrated strategies, while robust, were designed with the agility to adapt in alignment with RideCo's future growth and changing cyber challenges. This ensured RideCo’s readiness not just for the present but also for unforeseen challenges on the horizon.

2. Comprehensive Security and Privacy Compliance Implementation:

  • Incorporation of the NIST 7621
  • Adoption of the 800-53 Standard Guideline
  • Pursuing SOC2 Compliance

NuBinary championed a holistic implementation strategy. This meant that each guideline, standard, and certification was not just documented but was also practically embedded into RideCo's daily operations. From training sessions for the staff to periodic reviews, every step was taken to ensure these implementations were effective and sustainable.

Continuous Evolution and Compliance - The cybersecurity landscape is dynamic, with threats and solutions constantly evolving. NuBinary emphasized the importance of continuous learning and adaptation. Regular updates, refresher training, and periodic audits were established to ensure that RideCo remained at the forefront of security standards, always compliant, and always prepared.

3. In-depth and Continuous Training for Security Excellence

  • Targeted Training Modules
  • Practical Workshops and Simulations
  • Continual Learning and Refreshers
  • Feedback-driven Approach

Services provided


"I'm immensely pleased with the program and expertise we received from NuBinary. Their unwavering positive attitude and enthusiasm truly are the magic and the 'secret sauce' of our collaboration. It's also crucial to note the value of the individuals involved. With Ali and Mehdi, I've always felt that their educational journey is ongoing. Their evident thirst for knowledge is palpable and inspiring. Their proficiency is commendable."

Marian Oros
IT Manager, RideCo


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