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qea-tech-logo-1| Case Study

QEA Tech

Pioneering green tech company, leveraging AI, drone technology and thermal imaging to enhance energy efficiency in building envelopes.

QEA Tech Uses cutting-edge thermal technology to identify and quantify energy losses from a building's envelope, this solution transforms how companies manage costs and achieve sustainability goals.



QEA Tech's brisk growth and early traction projected a promising growth trajectory for the company. However, this rapid expansion was tempered by the challenges of acquiring qualified staff and implementing areas of specialized software expertise. The competitive market made the recruitment of additional talent particularly demanding, posing a significant constraint to their speed of expansion.

How we helped

  • Overall technology planning
  • Enhanced and facilitated development processes
  • Strategic end-to-end tech hiring
  • Cybersecurity and machine learning facilitation
  • Due diligence guidance and leadership


QEA Tech had developed a proof of concept (POC) to enhance their service provision through internal and external resource but to evolve with the company's growth, a software solution was needed to scale with more comprehensive data governance, reporting, and workflow management. Setting up such a system would provide a basis for expanded machine learning/AI systems. QEA Tech recognized early on the transformative potential of integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) into their operations. Their dedicated team had performed extensive research, laying the groundwork for this vision.

Acknowledging these challenges, QEA Tech turned to NuBinary, not only to upgrade their technological setup but also to strategize a path forward for their data analytics capabilities. Recognizing the considerable efforts already put in by QEA Tech's scientific team, NuBinary devised a plan for structured data captured through the MVP, laying the groundwork for the subsequent training plan, which was crucial to the success of the AI/ML integration.

Stage1: Venture Review
Stage 2: MVP Plan & Build
Stage 3: Ongoing CTO Support
Stage 4: Hiring/Training
Stage 5: Machine Learning Enhancement

Technology stack

  • Rails
  • React
  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • ThreeJS
  • React-three
  • PyTorch

"NuBinary proved to be a lifesaver for us. Without their intervention, we would've found ourselves in serious trouble. The Covid period was especially challenging as we lacked adequate resources. To add to the pressure, larger companies were poaching the internal resources of smaller businesses like ours. NuBinary's support helped us navigate these layered complexities."

Peyvand Melati


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