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Advanced spray monitoring platform

Mazlite, one of NuBinary's clients, has developed a spray digitization platform with a primary focus on automotive painting. They use physics-based AI to focus on the critical data to solve and prevent painting problems during product development, prototyping and production.



The Mazlite team consists of experts in industrial hardware, but the team needed support and insights to successfully deploy and manage the device software. As the solution and product evolved, the company needed to launch a cloud solution to connect and monitor devices.

How we helped

  • Engineering Staff Augmentation
  • Roadmap Planning and Strategy
  • Agile software best practices implementation
  • Cloud and DevOps Implementation
  • UX/UI Development


NuBinary advised on the deployment and update strategy for the spray digitization platform, leveraging Docker.

As Mazlite’s internal team grew, NuBinary was able to advise and implement agile software development best practices to maintain high product standards. In addition, NuBinary tactically provided specialized technical expertise to augment Mazlite’s team to meet the company's key deliverables.

To support the continuous growth of Mazlite's customer demand, NuBinary built and launched a cloud IoT hub on its Rhino platform to remotely and securely connect with the spray digitization platform. This implementation provided a flow of real-time status and metrics in under three months, allowing new revenue streams to open up for the business.

Technology stack

  • Backend: Rails API
  • Frontend: React.js
  • Secure Device Pairing Process
  • RabbitMQ cluster providing light weight MQTT device communication
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

" For me to see how fast it was incorporated and the back-and-forth feedback between our team and their (NuBinary's) team and everything staying on target and on time, and everybody putting effort to make sure that everything was done at the right phase was incredible to see."

Amirreza Amighi, PHD
CEO, Mazlite


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