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CarMedia40x52| Case Study

Car Media

A complete automotive merchandising suite

Car Media, a client of NuBinary, specializes in enhancing media and marketing presence for car dealerships. They empower dealerships to augment their media and marketing visibility, thereby elevating the caliber of both interior and exterior facets of their vehicles. This comprehensive professionalization results in a sophisticated automotive merchandising suite that captivates the market.



When Car Media’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) stepped back from their role, the company faced a profound leadership gap that destabilized its technical direction. The responsibility to maintain and evolve their existing platform, supported by an extensive legacy customer portfolio, loomed large, particularly in light of a lean in-house development team.

How we helped

  • Overall technology planning
  • Enhanced and facilitated development processes
  • Strategic end-to-end tech hiring
  • Cybersecurity and machine learning facilitation
  • Due diligence guidance and leadership


Car Media was facing challenges when NuBinary stepped in. Using NuBinary's hiring services, they were able to assemble a robust engineering team, consisting of product managers, software developers and quality assurance professionals. They onboarded 15 in-house staff within nine months, saving over $200K in recruitment expenses. Each new hire’s role and responsibilities were clearly delineated, enabling the team to function effectively and efficiently. NuBinary phased out outsourced talent, prioritizing the recruitment and training of in-house staff.

To maintain the momentum of positive change, NuBinary implemented weekly company assessments and initiated regular check-ins with Car Media’s CEO and COO. The use of a quality control scoreboard/ dashboard facilitated informed decision-making and strategic management.

NuBinary formulated a strategy to tackle technology-related issues, including tooling, disaster recovery, and security policy. NuBinary’s CTOs played a pivotal role in Car Media’s successful acquisition by spearheading the due diligence management and leadership efforts. Their efforts provided a compelling narrative of Car Media’s technology stack and acquired capabilities.

Technology stack

  • Backend: .NET, Azure
  • Frontend: Angular, VueJS
  • Machine Learning: Image Segmentation

" It should be said that we would be nowhere near where we are today without NuBinary. They came at a perfect time for us, too, when stability and continuity were more important than they typically are since we were in the middle of a complex build with critical deadlines."

Bart Tecza
Partner and Co-Founder, Car Media


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