our Process

Our Process


Introductory Meeting

We believe that best products are built when our engineers, designers and customers work together as one unified team. During the introductory meeting, we will walk you through our engagement process to learn how we can best help you. Through this process, we will learn about your project, objectives, and target users and will identify all the critical considerations to develop the solution you have in mind.


Discovery Session

We will do our research and gather as much information as we can about your target market, end users and competitors. We will thoroughly analyze the project requirements and will propose and discuss your architectural options, UI/UX design process, development roadmap and cost estimates.


Product and Architectural Design

Not every project is about UI design and a simple front-end back-end architecture! In this phase, we again go back to our white boards and based on your feedback, internally evaluate all technical and non-technical aspects of the project including usability, scalability, security, reliability, performance and time and budget constraints.

We will then, present you with a final overall architectural design which includes the choice of frameworks, tools, platforms, infrastructure, software components, storage, interfaces, communication protocols and many other aspects of building a rock-solid software solution.

At last, we will discuss and prioritize what features to include, what functionalities are essential in the MVP and what to keep in mind for future improvements of the solution.


Roadmap & Final Proposal

At this point, we usually have enough information to present you with a detailed proposal that would detail deliverables, scope, backlog, sprints, milestones, customer and developer expectations, time and budget estimation, communication and change of scope protocols.


Development Kick-off

We start with UI/UX design – and feedback – iteration(s). We will provide you with wireframes and then move on to start UI designs and usability testing.

We set up the DevOps environment and adopt a project management methodology of your preference (e.g. Scrum or Kanban) and start the development-demo-feedback iterations.

We also configure our Test Driven Development, peer code-reviews, continuous integration and team collaboration and communication tools. Lastly, we schedule weekly progress, demo and feedback meetings as well as pre-launch and beta releases.



Software development is an ever-evolving process. Launching the MVP is just another step towards building a solution that your customers truly love and it does not end here! We need to plan the next steps to maintain the MVP and need to plan for:

Monitoring: Usually for errors, up-time and performance

Analytics: User interactions, A/B testing

Experience Improvements: Continuous end-user behaviour learning, improvement iterations and bug fix cycles


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