Momentum Technology
Startup Pitch Competition
Clean Tech
Are you a Canadian tech startup building a solution in clean tech? We are a group of startup angel investors, venture capitalists, and startup advisors who are interested in hearing your pitch!
Momentum Technology
Startup Pitch Competition
Advanced Manufacturing, Energy & Mining
Are you a Canadian tech startup building a solution in advanced manufacturing, energy or mining? We are a group of startup angel investors, venture capitalists, and startup advisors who are interested in hearing your pitch!
Application Deadline:
April 23RD, 2021

Application Requirements

Application Requirements

You should apply if:
  • You are a Canadian incorporated start-up with a minimum-viable product
  • You have preliminary market traction in an advanced manufacturing, energy, or mining sector that is at least $100M in size (preference towards B2B businesses)
  • You have a demonstrable technology moat (preference towards those with patentable technologies)


WHO IS NuBinary


NuBinary is a fractional CTO and tech advisory firm and a proud sponsor and co-host of the  2021 Momentum Technologies Startup Pitch Competition. Our contribution for the competition consists of different levels of in-kind services for each winner.

1st: 50% off for projects up to $30,000
2nd: 30% off for projects up to $20,000
3rd: 20% off for projects up to $10,000


Who’s it for?

Our Rhino platform is best suited for startups that have a validated idea and would like their MVP or a new iteration of it.
Developing an MVP can take a lot of time and money. The time to market can be a long process as well. But our proven methods can help you reduce your costs significantly and shorten that timeframe.

Current solutions to getting your MVP to market are not always scalable. Many platforms have limitations and outsourcing can be a very risky way to try to shorten your time to market.

Our Rhino platform leverages our years of experience as well as best practices in coding and product development to your advantage! We use widely used technology stacks, best-practices in development, architecture and cloud infrastructure. We have many pre-built commodity components and features that make the process much faster.

Benefits of Using Rhino for MVP Builds: 

  • Lower the total cost of development by approximately 30-80%.
  • Speed up the development process by up to  80% and hence faster time to market
  • Starting you with a solid foundation to build upon to avoid rebuilds or re-coding
  • Prevent bad coding from the start and hence fewer bugs
  • Build applications with no restrictions while indefinitely expandable and scalable
  • Build a Cloud agnostics solution

Example Project Components: 

  • A Web or Mobile (Web view) application
  • Backend and Frontend
  • Admin back office and user dashboard
  • Users, organizations and roles
  • Sensory data communication and visualization with connected devices (IoT)
  • E-commerce and payment gateway integration
  • Background job processing
  • Notifications, Emails, SMS

Competition MC

grant lawrence
Grant Lawrence
Valhalla Angels

Grant, an active angel investor, with over 22 years in the software industry in startups and established companies. As a co-founder of Valhalla Private Capital, President of Valhalla Angels Kelowna and Vancouver, he contributes to building the tech community and provides mentorship and guidance to startups for business operations and sales.


Benton Leong - Advisor at NuBinary
Benton Leong
GP, Archangel Funds; Investor
Golden Triangle Angel
Network (GTAN)

Benton is a computer scientist, educator, serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor, board member, and innovation ecosystem thought leader.  He’s also the Co-founder of Maplesoft, Radical Flow, and Archangel Network of Funds.

Brian Hunter President NorthSpring Capital
Brian Hunter

Following a 30-year career providing debt and equity financing to businesses in Southern Ontario with Roynat Capital, Brian co-founded NorthSpring Capital with Sol Algranti. In 2017, he was awarded as GTAN’s Angel of the Year.


Nubinary Team Member: Ehsan Mirdamadi - Partner at NuBinary
Ehsan Mirdamadi
Angel Investor &
Tech Entrepreneur, CEO

Ehsan is a serial entrepreneur, an active angel investor, and a mentor at several tech startup incubators and accelerators. He draws on 20 years of enterprise computer networks, storage, and cloud infrastructure experience.

Danielle Graham Investment Principal Sandpiper Ventures
Danielle Graham
Venture Growth Advisor

Danielle is the Founder of Fierce Founders, first female-focused tech accelerator in Canada. She was part of the founding team of Sonnet for Economical as a consultant with Deloitte, prev. Manager of the Market Readiness fund, Principal at Dream Maker and Sandpiper and currently Venture Partner with Archangel, unlocking capital for the earliest stage startups in the tech ecosystem.

Business Development & Commercialization Manager
Manny Kalia
Business Development & Commercialization Manager

Manny is an entrepreneur, leader, and strategic thinker with focus on innovation. He is a proven leader at building and managing diverse teams, and he has international business experience in more than 50 countries.

Payvand Melati - MID
Peyvand Melati

Peyvand is an accomplished entrepreneur and Angel investor. His in-depth expertise includes major vertical industries with a focus on Clean–Tech electronic design and manufacturing, medical technologies, and renewable energy.

Pam Banks
Pam Banks
Executive Director
RIC Centre

Pam helps tech entrepreneurs build a foundation for commercialization as the Executive Director of RIC Centre. With a focus on hands-on support, Pam is proud to have worked with RIC Centre Cleantech graduates including Char Technologies, AOMS Technology, and Li-Cycle.

You have until
April 23rd, 2021
to enter “Momentum Technology” pitch competition
First Place
$10,000 + $20,000 of in-kind services
Second Place
$7,000 + $10,000 of in-kind services
Third Place
$3,000 + $5,000 of in-kind services


NuBinary - IOT Software Development Shop In Toronto - Logo

NuBinary is a Fractional CTO and Tech Startup Advisory consulting firm, enabling companies to successfully create innovative technology products. We do this by assisting companies to speed up market delivery of innovative products through a consistent, repeatable and tested framework.

Pitch Sponsor - NorthBridge
NorthBridge Consultants

NorthBridge is an expert government funding assistance firm with a 28-year track record helping small-to-medium enterprises secure funding to grow their businesses. NorthBridge is part of the North Group of Companies which also includes NorthSpring Capital Partners.

OKR Financial
OKR Financial

OKR Financial operates a family of private funds since 2015 that provides non-dilutive financing solutions to Canadian SME’s by leveraging Federal & Provincial SR&ED tax credits and Government funded programs. Providing the pathway to equity financing when companies are ready to scale up.

Pitch Sponsor - Micro Interface Design
Micro Interface Design

MID is an R&D, engineering, and manufacturing company that has acted as an incubator for several innovative technologies in the past four decades. Multi-disciplinary engineering capacity, collaboration with academia, access to a number of venture capitals, and international business network offers a unique opportunity to the entrepreneurs.

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