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Case Study


Video crowdsourcing platform



in-it is a video crowdsourcing platform that complements current media systems by empowering people to get their voice heard regardless of their power or influence. In-it enables their users to unite around a topic, share their videos, express their concerns and get their voice heard in a way no other social media platform has enabled them to do before.

How we helped

  • Cloud and DevOps implementation
  • UI/UX development
  • Roadmap planning and strategy
  • Grant funding support
  • Team building and knowledge transfer

Technology stack

  • API only Rails 5 backend
  • AWS lambda serverless services
  • AWS S3 & Cloudfront for video distribution
  • React.js web front-end deployed on Heroku


in-it media engaged NuBinary to take it from an idea stage to a market-ready product. NuBinary consulted the client through a defined process to iteratively fine-tune the MVP, define the product roadmap and laid out the architecture and infrastructure to get to market as fast as possible while keeping scalability and growth in mind.

NuBinary staff collaborated closely with In-it’s brilliant internal team – with UI/UX and product design expertise – to build the product they envisioned with the highest quality. In-it is in its pre-launch stage and NuBinary engineers are working hard to launch the beta version in 2018 Q2.

"NuBinary was an immense help for our startup, especially since this was our first startup, and we didn't have technical (CS or web development) background."

Anthony Gatti, PhD
Founder & CEO, NeuralSeg


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